Based upon the book “Lessons from the Sidelines

Who, What, When,  Where, How and Why

1. (what)This blog is an expansion of my observations and understanding of the lessons shared in my book “Lessons from the Sidelines”.

2. (Where) Baltimore, MD in my den

3. (why) Because there is a space on my books website for a blog and my author liaison from my marketing team, has asked for a blog several times.

4. (how) So, I have begun as a would anything that I have no idea how to do, I  went to Google, made a large mug of coffee, and found a beginner’s guide to blogging by Scott Chow. And began.

This exercise of writing regularly is frankly intimidating, most people are afraid of public speaking, I am Afraid of public writing, especially that which will live on the internet; which means that it will never die. Which means that I have to think before I post.

Journaling is a Practice that I have done off and on since Middle school, more off than on. I basically do when I am in a season of deep introspection; Lent or Advent; so it is a part of a spiritual practice for me.

I have a stack of empty journals

Let’s begin our journey into the Lessons:

Lesson One: Whenever possible beat the Coach to practice.

I can honestly say that the discipline of arriving early and staying late has not been lost on my oldest son. He is an Athletic Trainer. He works on several high school teams. He often calls while on the road heading home usually late to keep him focused and stay awake. I am happy to do my part to help keep him safe.

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